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The Haunting of Danny Phantom
Title Screen Caption: "Let the Haunting Begin!"

(Open to a room with several Danny Phantom newspaper clippings, a stuffed Danny Phantom doll for a punching bag and a picture of Danny on a dart board; standing in the middle is Ricky Johnson; we see a window depicting sunset)
Ricky: You thought this was the end, didn’t you, Danny Phantom?  You made me: poor, defenseless Ricky Johnson a bigger joke than the world did.  My hate for the world is nothing compared to my hate for you... the hate of all your enemies put together is nothing compared to my hate for you... It’s time you paid for everything!  You cost me my car, school work, love life, money, job and my home... overall my life! (The sun starts to lower even more, it gets darker) Even more, you reject what wanted only to make you stronger!  So what if anyone else didn’t approve... you rejected it!  Hurt it!  Left it to fry!  Well, well, well.  Now, he is born.  Fueled by my hate for you... he will be haunting you forever! Hmm...  “Haunting”?   (Night comes, Rick’s eyes turn pure green and his shadow engulfs him in darkness; outside his door we hear roars, ripping sounds and crashes; after a strange “shifting” sound and he steps out of he door) Haunting... I love it. (Laughs evilly)
(Inside the room, we see everything that has Danny’s face on it ripped or broken in half; the Danny doll ripped up to its head, the dart board has a hole where the Danny picture was; we end with a Danny picture with four claw-like rips where Danny’s face was)
End of Opener

(It’s raining, we open with lightning striking outside Casper, where in the halls, a depressed Danny Fenton walks; Tucker, who is getting a wedgie by Dash to make Danny laugh tries to get his attention)
Tucker: Hey Danny, look!  Danny, Danny! (Danny just walks away, uninterested) Oh come on, this always gives me a rash!
(Dash drops him and then pulls Danny’s boxers out so far, he puts them on his head)
Dash: Loser! (Laughs, but loses his joy when he notices Danny doesn’t care and just daydreams in sorrow) It’s never funny when the loser pays no attention! (Freaks out and runs away screaming like a little girl)
(Mr. Lancer walks up to Danny)
Mr. Lancer: Daniel, may I see you. (In Lancer’s office) Normally it’s your grades that worry me, but its how you’ve been.  First, you were practically the new school bully, and then you go into this depressed shell that makes Sam Manson look like a cheerleader.  What’s happened to you?
Danny: (Remains silent, then he gets off the chair and walks to the door, but when he is halfway out, without looking at Lancer) If you made a mistake, one where you’re the only person who can’t forgive yourself, what do you do?
Lancer: I find that you should find a way to forgive yourself.
Danny: And when’s that?
Lancer: I’m afraid, Danny, the only one who knows that... is you.
Danny: That’s what I’m afraid of.
(After school, the students walk out in the rain, which hasn’t changed)
Sam:</i> So, tomorrow is Saturday... any plans?
Tucker: Movie time.
Sam: Yeah, wanna bring your cousin too, Danny?
(Danny is still depressed as he is the only one without a rain jacket)
Danny: Mm-hmm...
Sam: Still upset?
Danny: Why not... three days ago, I separated myself from something that almost made me destroy you guys.
Tucker: But, it wasn’t your fault.
Danny: Yes it was...
(Danny walks faster, leaving the two and making them sad for him even more)
(At dinner, a certain boy is missing in Fentonworks as Jack speaks to Danielle)

Jack: (With his mouth full of mashed potatoes) Wait till I show you the Fenton Thermos, The Specter Deflector and the Specter Speeder.
Danielle: Uh, sure... uh, uncle...
Maddie: Has anyone seen Danny?
(They all view the empty seat between Jazz and Jack; Danielle and Jazz both show worry)
(Danny is outside on the Op-Center, sitting on the rain, in a similar position to the teaser Poster for “Spiderman 3”; as he looks down, he hears footstep and a hand on his shoulder, he looks to his left to see Dani, who smiles; Danny looks down and frowns even more, Dani’s smile is replaced with a look of depression)
Dani: You can’t stay this way forever.
Danny: I know, but my whole life isn’t forever, is it?
(He gets up and flies away; Dani sadly walks away while looking over her shoulder at her saddened cousin)
(Danny is shown standing on a building several blocks away from his folks and friends, the rain finally stops)

Danny: At least it stopped... (He looks down at a puddle and sees his reflection and soon enough he sees his dark-shadow look as a reflection; glaring at it he stomps hard in the puddle, as soon as his real reflection is shown, Danny starts to cry as two of his tears fall into the puddle; Ricky’s reflection appears to the right of Danny’s)
Ricky: Hey, Phantom.
(To Danny’s surprise, he looks at Ricky Johnson and wonders how did he get here)
Danny: Ricky Johnson? What are you doing here?
Ricky: Just came to say... “Hi”.
Danny: (Scoffs) I don’t have time for your lies and grudge... (Walks away)
Ricky: You’ll have an even bigger problem now, Phantom!  Or... do you mind if I just call you... (We see Danny walking) Danny Fenton? (This catches Danny’s surprised attention, who grabs Ricky’s shirt in anger)
Danny: What did you say?
Ricky: (Un-phased by Danny's rage) Oh... (Danny lets him go) Kind of a grump, aren’t ya, Fenton?  But don’t worry; it ain’t Ricky Johnson you should worry about! (Bows like a gentleman) It’s his other side. (Imagine the music that introduces Jack Plasmius from Masters of All Time starting to play) I like to call him... (A formless shadow comes from behind Ricky, wrapping all around him; first covering his left leg, which resembles Danny’s dark-shadow leg but muscular; wraps Ricky’s right arm, making it like Danny’s dark-shadow arm but more muscular; his chest becomes bigger and more buff and his chest has a half-egg shape with a black backwards DP emblem; from the left side of his head, the shade wraps it and in a flash it is a new head: no hair, nose or ears, green pupil-less eyes with a large fanged mouth and white lines going front to back on the top of his head; he is three feet taller now; Danny’s reaction is pure surprise) Haunting...
(Danny’s look of surprise ends when, from his POV, “Haunting” punches him so hard he is sent to another building; Haunting flies up and grabs Danny by the shirt)
Haunting: (In Ricky’s normal voice) Made from Danny Phantom’s worst enemy, fueled by Ricky Johnson’s lust for revenge. The dark-shadow Danny Fenton thought he destroyed, Ricky Johnson saved by embracing... (He gains a dark gray glow and his voice becomes a deeper, more demoic version of Ricky’s, this becomes his true voice) THE DARKNESS WITHIN! (Throws Danny off the building; Danny lands of the side of another building with an old “Vote for Masters” sign; Danny falls to the floro and then gets up)
Danny: The Dark-shadow; it’s still alive!  But how; how did it get to Johnson?! (Talks to Haunting, how has somehow disappeared) You don’t understand Johnson!  (Flies up) It doesn’t just become one with you, it tries to control you!  You have to let me destroy it!
Haunting: (Flies above Danny and hovers there) Destroy it?!  It’s a miracle for me!  Ricky’s vengefulness has made me perfect... better him than you, Phantom!
Danny: Rick, you have to let me get rid of it!
Haunting: WHY? Don’t you see?  Imagine what you have spurned Fenton... it augments all natural abilities, along with giving new ones.  The dark-shadow gives its user peace, at the cost of everything else.  Don’t you see Ricky Johnson doesn’t want to give it all up; he’s happier this way, he’s got nothing to lose thanks to you. (Haunting flies away, heading down behind the buidling below)
Danny: NO!  Johnson! (Haunting reappears behind Danny and traps him in a headlock) What? (Goes intangible and pushes Haunting to the roof of a building; we see ahovering and worried Danny) He’s still human, so he can’t trigger my Ghost Sense! (Fires a ghost ray that gets blocked by Haunting’s arm)
Haunting: What a crummy Ghost Ray! Here I’ll share mine! (Fires a ghost ray of a darker green that knocks Danny down; Haunting catches him and uses an ice power to trap Danny in a dark blue ice that wraps around his arms) Don’t worry; I’m not finished with you, Fenton! (Laughs with a long serpentine tongue out his mouth)
Danny: Listen, Johnson-
Haunting: STOP CALLING ME THAT WEAKLING NAME! I am HAUNTING now and forever! I wanted to give you peace, but you rejected my power... now I shall give you torture!  You nothing about Johnson, but I know (Imagine Danny’s look of fear as it closes up at this moment) EVERYTHING about you!  You will see this face everywhere... (Close up of Haunting's evil smile) even in the darkest corners of your nightmares! (Drops Danny and flies away)
Danny: Johnson! (Breaks through, but is too late to follow) Haunting... oh no.  I got to stop him... I gotta get Sam, Tu- (Stops) No, this is too personal.  I got to handle this myself.  Maybe I can find a clue in his old home. (At this old home, a huge white mansion-like house, Danny quietly passes a room where Ricky’s father is snoring loudly; he phases through a door and sees an envelope that he opens) These are news clippings of Ricky after they learned he lied. These might be handy later... but now what? (Leans on the wall) If that Dark-shadow was making me mad, I can't imagine what it’s doing to Johnson; his bird-brain’s already gone south for the winter. South... that’s it!  The news report said he now lives south near the bay, maybe the school computers know... (In a Casper High computer room, Danny finds a computer file that reads “Ricky Johnson, 2007 Mark Street”) Bingo! (As he rights this down on a piece of paper, the picture of Ricky in the top right of the screen turns into Haunting and roars at Danny, causing him to turn it off) I don’t know what’s scarier: Haunting, or that I was just threatened by a computer screen.
(At Fentonworks, it’s the middle of the night; Danny is wide awake, as he goes ghost and hovers out of the room, he passes his parents’ room, where Jack snores loudly, Danny smiles; he passes Jazz’s room, where Jazz is sleeping on her desk after homework; he passes what was once the guest room but is now Danielle’s room, where the little halfa girl sleeps, Danny notices her sheet is too low so he comes in and tucks her in, then kisses her lightly on the forehead and exits)
Danny: Sweet dreams, guys.  I’m stuck in a nightmare I thought I woke up from... and if I don't stop this, never will. (An hour takes place afterwards, Danny lands in an alley and reverts to human, tired) Still no sign. (Yawns) I’ll just get some... No!  He’s somewhere out there, and my Ghost Sense can’t detect him!  Who knows when he’ll attack?
Ricky: How about now? (Danny looks up to see Ricky Johnson on the side of a building)
Danny: Johnson... (Goes ghost and hovers up) Finally found you.
Ricky:</i> Found me? (Turns into Haunting) I’ve been following you since you left home! (Danny gasps om shock) I wonder how the world will react to your secret when instead of saving it from an asteroid, you turn into an emotionally unstable lose cannon! Let’s find out! (Roars so loud, all of Amity Park wakes up; Haunting flies away with Danny following and views people opening their windows and come out to see Danny chasing a creature that almost looks like he once did; look at the front as Haunting looks back and smiles at his foe following him)
(They fly upward to the Silver building, resembling to the Baxter building, the tallest building in Amity Park, Haunting reaches the top first; Danny reaches and with Haunting no where in sight, Danny cups his hands in front of his mouth to speak)
Danny: Johnson, the more you hate me, the worse the dark-shadow will make you!
Haunting: What makes you think I hate you? (Danny looks up to see Haunting carrying a huge chunk of ice) Truth is: I think you’re the ice cold! (Throws the ice that Danny then blast into pieces, then fires again at Haunting) Look, Laser tag! Now this is a game! (Haunting dodges and phases through the floor)
Danny: Uh oh. (Sky shot of Danny walking around with Haunting's voice seemingly everywhere
Haunting: Unlike your worthless enemies, revenge is all that matters to me. (Danny from waist up as he looks around) I’ll have my revenge against you, even if I must use those close to you.  Your idiot family, foolish friends or even that ugly little Goth you forced your way to breaking up with.  I know all you know on them as well!
Danny: (Angrily) You leave them alone!
(Haunting punches him from below the floor, as Danny lands, he fires a ghost ray, Haunting does so as well, but his is strong enough to cancel out Danny’s and still hit its target; Haunting then has several shadowy tentacles coming out of his back and wraps them around Danny’s arms and legs and walks straight to the edge of the building, where several people can see from below, but they are too far below to see exactly what is happening; Danny now hangs over the edge)
Danny: (Struggles to free himself) The shade’s gotten stronger than before... Stronger than me!
Haunting: Not a bad view, huh?  Now, to ruin your life! (Danny reverts to human without notice) Yeah, should have mentioned I can do that to you.  So, should I drop you and let you splatter, send you down limb from limb or break you in half and see which half lands first? Either way, Mr. Fenton, it’ll be all over... THE STREET!!! (Laugh hysterically)
(Danny’s face shows both fear and shock as this may be his final battle, win or lose)

End of Chapter 1</i></u>

(Open to Hauting holding Danny over the edge of the building)
Haunting: When this is done, assuming you live, you will either be seen a freak, or a danger.  Think of all the people you may need to leave because of me... like poor Jazzy Pants.  It’ll be like losing a friend she just got to know.  Perhaps she’d like to meet Ricky. (Extreme close up) How’s that... little brother in law?
Danny: (Threateningly) If you do anything to my family...
Haunting: You probably won’t even live to see the wedding, and even if there won’t be funeral, you won’t be able to defeat me. So, for the million dollar question, is your answer: A) Fall to your doom and save yourself by changing in front of those ants; B) Let me finish you off here or C) Let me decide?
Danny: I don’t now Regis; how about D) None of the above? (Goes ghost, surprising Haunting) Final answer! (Flashes a green light in hand in front of Haunting, causing him to let go in pain and cover his eyes; once Haunting opens up, Danny is gone)
Haunting: It’s only a matter of time, Phantom!  No matter... (Extreme Close Up) I know where you’re going tomorrow...
(It is Saturday afternoon; Danny is in a dark movie theater watching a samurai film; to his left are Sam, with popcorn, Danielle drinking a soda and Tucker eating candy bar; Danny tries his best to enjoy this moment with his friends, but something catches his eye at the bottom right near the exit, a pair of green, glaring eyes and a long tongue)
Danny: Oh no. (To Sam) I’m going to get some more popcorn... (Gets up and hurries straight out through the door; when he comes back he sees someone standing next to his seat, speaking to Sam; this person is none other than Ricky Johnson)
Ricky: Danny boy, what’s up?
Sam: (Angrily) This guy wanted to talk to you.
Danny: (Glaring at Ricky) I don’t feel like talking...
Ricky: Right, well then, enjoy your moment with the Goth. <i.(Walks by Danny, in Haunting’s voice)</i> It might be your last.
(Sam having no clue about what is really happening)
Sam: Still upset about what happened?
Danny: Not so much... I have bigger problems now.
(Later on, the four are at the Nasty Burger, when Danny notices someone at the opposite table, Ricky, eating a Nasty Burger that has written with ketchup “Danny” and viciously eats it)
Tucker: Dude, you okay?
Danny: I’m just not that hungry... (Puts down the Nasty Burger and gets up, going to the bathroom; shot of the remaining three watching him leave, then TUcker grabs and eats his burger and Danielle wats the fries)
(Later, we see Danny walking home with Danielle)
Danielle: That was great.  Can we go again this week?
Danny: Uh, sure... (Looks back to see Ricky Johnson leaning on the wall with green eyes) If I live that long...
Danielle: Huh?
Danny: Uh... nothing! (Starts to speed up)
Danielle: Why are you walking faster?
Danny: To... walk of that weight... (Sees a bus up ahead; to himself at first) Yes... or we can take the bus! (As they walk on, Danny quickly looks behind and sees Ricky walking slowly towards them, until the bus doors close; sighs) Lost him...
Danielle: Lost who?
Danny: Uh... (Smiles nervously) What do you mean?
Danielle: You can’t fool me... something about Rick makes you scared.
Danny: You don't know the half of it... (They sit down, Danny taps his foot repeatedly)
(At Fentonworks, Danny is in his room watching how then sunsets; normally a sunset makes someone feel good, but for Danny, possible doom)
Danny: Keep your head on Fenton before he tries to rip it off... (Walks out of his room and down stairs to see his sister in a brown coat) Uh, trying out for modeling, Jazz?
Jazz: Very funny... I have a date, you two Dan’s better behave while mom and dad are gone and I... (Knocking on the door) Oh that’s him! I should answer... no wait I shouldn’t, what if it’s not him... what if it is? I-
Danielle: (To Danny, while Jazz talks to herself) Is she always like this?
Danny: Yup.
Danielle: Should you get it or should I?
Danny: I’ll get it. (To himself) I actually wish Haunting was here... (Answers the door and is shocked to see the person outside is Haunting’s human form, Ricky Johnson)
Ricky: Hey Danny boy, nice place.  It beats me uncle's.
Danny: (Shocked look) Scratch that. (Closes the door)
(From outside we see a closed door as sounds inside are heard)
Jazz: (From the other side) Danny! How rude! (Opens the door) Oh hi, Rick. These are my... (Glares at Danny, sounding angry) brother... (Normal voice) ... and my... uh- cousin.
Ricky: Ricky, Ricky Johnson is the name, you probably saw me on TV. Mind if I chat with your bro for a sec on guy stuff?
Jazz: Sure, he needs to learn (Glares at Danny) not to be rude to strangers...
Danny: Strangers no. Ricky? Yes.
Ricky: Oh, but I have something to show you out back. (He leads Danny to the back door, where Danny finds on the ground Sam and Tucker, both unconscious)
Danny: Sam, Tucker!  What did you do to them? (Pushes Ricky to the ground) I said-
Jazz: DANNY! (Runs out and pushes him out of the way) What’s gotten- (Sees what exactly has gotten into him) Sam, Tucker; Rick, what’s going on?
Ricky: (Gets up) Just thanking your bro for... (Transforms into Haunting) RUINING MY LIFE!!! (As Jazz steps back, she scream, then Haunting unleashes a green gas from his mouth that knocks her out) Sorry, didn't have enough breath mints.
Danielle: Hey! (Seeing this from the door, goes ghost and flies towards Haunting) Leave them alone! (Haunting does the same tactic with her; Dani collapses and reverts to normal)</i>
Danny: (Gets up) I’m going- (Haunting grabs him and throws him into the wall of the house)
Haunting: No where but an early grave! (Lifts the four unconscious kids onto his arms) Meet me at what’s left of Vlad’s manor at least one hour before sunrise... or these four will have to be practice dummies! And just because I know you’re down in the dumps... (Lifts the dumpster with his dark-shadow’s tentacle and throws it at Danny, fortunately he goes ghost and phases through, but when he does, Haunting is nowhere in sight)
Danny: Johnson! Johnson! (Flies high above the op-center) HAUNTING!!! (Angrily, he phases through the roof and enters his room, grabbing the envelope of Johnson’ clippings) He won’t stop tormenting me until he’s finished me... I’ve got to fight back!
(In the remains of Vlad’s mansion after Danny’s “dark” times, the four are unconscious in a room, until Danny Phantom phases through the wall, carrying them and taking each one home; we only see him take Sam home but it can be assumed he’s already done the other three)
Sam: Danny... why didn’t you tell us?
Danny: I wanted to... but I couldn’t... I just hope you can forgive me.
Sam: Of course... but let us help.
Danny: I can’t... as much as I want you to; stopping Haunting is the only way I can forgive myself. (Clamer) It’s funny, but if that world finds out who I am after this, they’ll see me as loose cannon... so let’s not reveal who I am to the world yet.
Sam: Okay... (Danny starts walking out the window) Danny... (Sam smiles and lifts a “thumbs up”) Good luck.
(Danny smiles back)
(Haunting is shown flying through Amity Park after checking on his hostages)
Haunting: So he saved them... for now... (Returns to normal as he reaches his home, as he steps through the window, he sees some things that catch his attention on the wall; newspaper clippings of him saying “Boy lies about Ghost Kid”; “Boy laughed at for meat-smelling car”; “Boy loses job at Nasty Burger explosion”; obviously you can tell how angry he is) NO!!!
Danny: (Outside the window) Hope you like my redecorations. (Flies away)
Ricky: You... YOU!!! (Turns into Haunting and bursts out the window; with purple with white light background) DANNY PHANTOM!!!
(Danny is shown flying at full speed with Haunting behind; Haunting’s eyes are full of rage, mouth full of fangs and his tongue flapping to his left side)
Danny: That’s right... follow me. (They reach a construction site where iron bars are unfinished in the structure; Danny notices Haunting is gone) Where is he?
(Haunting appears above Danny when his upside down appears behind Danny’s right and grabs his head by the sides with his clawed-hands; Haunting throws Danny into the construction site as he punches Danny straight, but with his speed, he gets to where Danny is heading first and punches him up, where he collides with a bar, Danny falls and Haunting punches Danny out of the site, Haunting flies out and grabs Danny)
Haunting: I’ll crush every bone in your body to dust! (Throws Danny upwards; Danny tries to fly away, until Haunting grabs his ghostly tail) Batter UP! (Using him like a bat, he smashes Danny into the side of a building, a street light and a car, then throws him against a wall) This is the final round for you, GAME OVER! (Danny quickly goes intangible through the wall and the entire building, Haunting does the same, and Danny quickly flies through several more buildings to avoid Haunting, with the very monster behind him) I’ll find you no matter where you go!  No force on Earth can protect you from me!
Danny: (Panting) It’d be nice if a few million more buildings where up ahead... (He spoke too soon, as the only thing he sees now is a railroad; pan back to see him hovering above train tracks) Spoke too soon. (A train comes by from his left and Danny quickly lands on top of the front car' Danny sees he lost Haunting as he looks back) Now where is he?
Haunting: (Lands behind Danny, Danny hears the sound of his weight on the train and looks quickly) No stowaways! Ticket please!
Danny: (Freezes his foe’s feet to the train) Sorry pal, but we just reached my stop! (Points behind Haunting and sees a bridge that is coming up, Haunting goes intangible to avoid collision and when he grins at Danny that it’s too late, but he notices Danny is gone, already flying away, waving innocently at Haunting, who screeches in anger) There is no way that could stop him. (He’s unfortunately right, as Haunting forces his feet of, crushing the ice; he flies towards Danny at full speed) Spoke too soon!
Haunting: Guess what, Phantom?  The dining cart didn’t have my favorite breakfast... DEEP FRIED DANNY PHANTOM!!!
Danny: Next time, I take the bus. (Below them now is the park) Almost there, I gotta lose him at least for a minute longer! (Flies into the trees below)
Haunting: Oh no!  You’re not side tracking me this time! (Gets to the front of the trees, where Danny flies straight into Haunting’s huge hands) GOTCHA! (Danny, for a split second, smiles and disappears) A duplicate?! NO!
Danny: (Flying straight towards the Silver Building from Chapter 1) The Silver Building, the tallest building in Amity Park. (His arm has the white rings when he goes ghost and back; looking at his now human arm with a watch and changes it back to ghost form) And only a minute away from sunrise... fitting, since this is where it almost ended.
Haunting: (A few feet away from Danny’s left) Not smart are ya, Danny boy?  But if you want to finish this here, fine with me!
(He speeds up and does a somersault, then fires a dark ghost ray with his right hand, Danny quickly dodges and fires his own, which is also dodged)
Danny: (Facing the hills, where the sunlight has yet to be shown) Come on, come on; SUNRISE ALREADY!
(Haunting grabs him by the shirt and pulls him in)
Haunting: (Grins evilly) Look into my eyes... (Danny fires ocular ice blasts and freezes Haunting’s face, let’s go off Danny and puts his hands on his face to pull the ice off)
Danny: Oh, I’m sorry; I thought you said “ice”.  You know, they’ve got eye drops for that! (Flies upwards, Haunting forces his eyes open so strongly that the ice breaks, he unleashes what looks like a Ghostly Wail at Danny; Danny lands on the rooftop) Nice singing... (Haunting lands in front of him) But sometimes, the song sounds better from the original! (Unleashes a Ghostly Wail at Haunting; after two steps, Haunting is pushed back by the force of the wail)
(Haunting grabs onto the walls of the building and climbs like Spiderman)
Haunting:</i> I’ll give you something to scream about!
(Danny, out of power, reverts to human form and collapses to his knees)
Danny: Hope my bones aren’t crushed to dust before this ends... (Gets back on his feet) But if I’m going to have to go done, at least I’ll take him down with me. (Looks out at the hills and sees some Sun is coming) Get over the hill, come on!
(Haunting arrives; he jumps to and lifts Danny by the neck)
Haunting: The Ghostly Wail, your most powerful ability.  Although you unleash a lot of power, you use up a lot of power as well.  Little hint of advice, next time you use that power, save some strength left.  Unfortunately for you... there won’t be a next time!
Danny: (Sees the sunrise) Time you saw the light!
Haunting: Huh? (Sees the sun and instantly he starts smoking) AAAAHHHHH! (Let’s go off Danny and kneels on the ground in pain) The SUN!  This was your plan all along!  You TRICKED me!!! (After one last scream of Haunting, with his arms in the air and his tongue sticking out, his body turns pitch-black and “melts”, in his place is Ricky Johnson, who collapses on the floor; the dark-shadow takes on a similar shape to Dark Danny as it growls at Danny)
Danny: It worked!  The sunlight forced the dark-shadow to separate from Rick.  (To the shadow) You said no force on Earth, not in space. Since I can’t officially destroy you here with two possible hosts... (Pulls out a Thermos, much to the creature’s surprise, and uses it trap the beast) Oh by the way... (Goes ghost) I was saving more than enough power for this! (Traps the thermos in a block of ice and flies upwards) Since you’re too dangerous for Earth or the Ghost Zone... (Throws it into the air and fires a ghost ray that propels the icy thermos into space, where it is seen drifting away; he then flies down to Ricky and carries him down to ground level and leaves him on a Bus bench; Danny then heads out to Fentonworks, where he phases through the walls, hovers over his bed, goes human and lands safely on the bed; tired and out of breath) I DID it... I’ve beaten the most vengeful, relentless and haunting enemy in my entire life... Now for some sleep. (Suddenly his alarm clock rings surprises him)
Maddie: Danny, get up! You've got to help your father clean out the ecto-pipes!
Danny: (Sighs) Spoke too soon...
(It’s Monday, Sam and Tucker, well mostly Sam, are doing a recycle drive, putting cans, bottles and papers in buckets for specified containers)
Sam: Tucker, come on.
Tucker: I know; I know already! (Picks up recyclable “trash”) Papers full, cans full, plastic full...
Danny: Hey guys... (Danny walks up to them out of nowhere)
Tucker: How are you feeling?
Danny: Better. Being threatened by Haunting, as frightening as he was, reminded me that despite the mistakes I've made, I shouldn't give up the fight. I still have a life. (Quick shot of his friends) I still have you guys. (They smile, switch back to Danny) And I still have a job to do. But I promise I won't let myself fall into hate again. (Danny then looks directly at Sam; he blushes) Sam?
Sam: (Blushes as well)
Yeah, Danny?
(Before Danny can say anything, Dash comes by and gives Tucker a wedgie that comes up to his head)
Dash: You think just because I did that to you all last week means I'll stop now?! Forget it! (Walks away, laughing)
Tucker: Oh, come on! (Tucker tries to get it off, but then is surprised when Danny is suddenly laughing at him, the first time he's ever been seen happy in a long time; then Sam and Tucker laugh along with him; Tucker quickly stops with a mad glare) Okay, we got you to laugh, now help me out! (They still laugh) Oh, come on! (Iris out on Tucker's glare)
Episode 3

Taking place directly after "The Darkness Within"

Special Guest
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Ricky Johnson (Haunting)

Danny Phantom and co. (c) Butch Hartman
Haunting and all connected characters (c) Me
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Oh well... even if they aren't still a couple... yet... they still have nice blushy moments... great!

Nice work here! Really love the story! Looking forward to finish it reading!
DPMCKTT Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007
Out of curiosity, is Haunting coming back later on? I remember in the animated series that Dormammu brought Venom (and created Carnage in the process) from space.
DragonRex1 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2007
Yes, similarly yet different...
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